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All About Hazelwood

Hazelwood was first discovered and used by the aboriginal people many years ago. Hazelwood has medicinal properties within the wood that helps to neutralize your body’s acidity levels, it provides relief from many health conditions. Some of these conditions include ear infections, sinus infections, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, rashes), headaches and migraines, tooth aches, acid reflux and heartburn (great for pregnancy), cold sores, arthritis, muscle pain, sciatica pain, depression and nervousness, low energy levels and poor sleep patterns , constipation and digestion problems, nausea and of course, teething.

If you suffer from one of these issues, it is highly probable that you are suffering from an acidity imbalance, and hazelwood may be able to help you alleviate these symptoms in a natural way.

How It Works:
Hazelwood products are believed to help to create an alkaline environment in your body, which may help present and appease many of the symptoms caused by being to acidic.

These necklaces are not waterproof and should be worn as much as possible, directly against the skin.

Replacement life of these is dependent upon how acidic your body is. The higher the acidity levels, the shorter life span. Once the wood is darkened and it starts to swell, you need a new necklace/bracelet. This can range for 2-12 months.

Many people see results with 2-4 days for skin problems, within hours for teething and sometimes 1-3 weeks for other ailments.